Now that you have tried kayaking a couple of times and discovered your love of the sport it’s time to get your own kayak.  Once you find yourself in a sporting goods store it’s time to decide should you buy a rigid kayak or an inflatable one?  The first thing you need to ask yourself is how you will be using your kayak?  Are you going to be cruising sedately across the lake or braving rapids and rough water?

The Classic Kayak or the Inflatable

When people think of the classic kayak they usually think of a single person boat similar to a canoe with a hard shell.  Today though there are inflatable kayaks that are a far cry from the pool toys you used to see years ago.  These are some pretty high tech kayaks but are they as good as the classic kayak that you are used to?  There are plenty of opinions on the subject as to which is better but the fact is they both have pros and cons.  Here is a closer look at both of them.

The Inflatable

You are probably under the impression that the inflatable kayak can’t be used in rough water or through white water rapids.  This isn’t true at all, there are several different models of inflatable kayaks that are made just for rough water.  The inflatable is a lot easier to drag around with you when you travel than the rigid kayak.  They can fold up into something the size of a duffel bag and fit easily into your trunk.  A rigid kayak will need to be strapped to the roof of your car for transport to the nearest lake.  You should note that an inflatable kayak will cost less than a rigid one, cheaper doesn’t mean better.

The Classic Rigid Kayak

There is little or no maintenance to the rigid kayak, you won’t have to inflate or deflate it when you want to go kayaking.  While the inflatable kayaks are far better made than they used to be the fact is they just aren’t as durable as a rigid kayak.  The rigid kayak can be a little harder to control in the water for the inexperienced kayaker.

Both types of kayaks are great options but you may want to start out with an inflatable and work your way up to one of the rigid models.  Both offer up the chance to get out on the water and have some fun and after all that is what you are looking for.